How Can EFT Tapping Benefit Your Life?

How Can EFT Tapping Benefit Your Life?

EFT Tapping Is Being Used To Restore Health

The emergence of a new healing modality known as EFT tapping has provided relief to millions of people around the globe from a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological challenges. The EFT tapping therapeutic results are simply astonishing and have aroused a great deal of interest within the health professional world.

Although both anecdotal and clinical experience is valuable in supporting its credibility as a therapeutic practice, recent rigorous scientific research is now confirming the mechanism behind its success and allowing health practitioners to use it with confidence.


What is EFT tapping?

EFT tapping technique is considered a form of psychological acupressure that is built upon the ancient chinese energy meridian system.  It fuses the activation of energy channels with an affirmation methodology to consciously deal with a certain issue that is causing the blockage.

According to cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, quantum physics tells us that it is the invisible energy fields that shape and influence matter, not the other way around.  Thus it is the environment that shapes our biology and the state of our health.

The mind, through a process called epigenetic mechanism, can start with a single gene blueprint and create over 30,000 different products from that same blueprint.  This means that there is a vast variance in how our genes can be read and expressed.  Therefore, an individual that tests positive for having a particular gene predisposing them to some disease will develop that disease if and only if that gene is expressed.

Well here’s the amazing news; YOU have the power to influence the readout and expression of your genes! However,  in order to have a positive healthy expression rather than one that leads to illness you must ensure that your environment supports this positive and healthy expression.  How to go about that is fairly intuitive and includes paying attention to what you eat and drink, your thoughts, the way you process emotions and deal with the inevitable daily stressors of life.

EFT tapping serves as an incredibly effective method to change self-limiting, negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  Ones that are often “bottled up” in the subconscious which could unsuspectingly be brewing the perfect environment for disease and discomfort. By consciously tuning into your body and bringing the issue to the surface, followed by actively processing and releasing the blockage, you rewire your brain in a way that has a profound positive effect on your life.


What is EFT tapping used for?

EFT tapping is very popular for pain and emotional distress but it is not limited to those issues.  In fact, it can literally be used on any issue you find to be a discomfort or an obstacle in life, such as financial issues or relationship trouble. Below you will find a list of what EFT tapping has been thoroughly researched and found to be particularly useful for.

  • Athletic performance
  • Emotional distress (anxiety, depression)
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Pain and physical symptoms
  • Phobias
  • Rewiring self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Weight Loss, cravings and addiction


What Does The Research Say?

Current research is now shedding some light upon how this therapy works. Scientists suggest that tapping on the acupoints while tuning in and mentally activating a particular issue will produce desirable changes in the neurochemistry of the brain and alter the neural pathways that underlie those psychological issues.

Some impressive research findings investigating the reason for successful acupoint stimulation in the treatment of anxiety-based disorders came to light from a 10 year research program at Harvard Medical School. Their imaging studies demonstrated a significant reduction in the activity of the amygdala, hippocampus and other brain areas associated with fear indicating an “extensive deactivation of the limbic-paralimbic-neocortical system.”

So what exactly does that mean?

Scientists view this EFT methodology as an “exposure technique” in which a person will bring to mind the emotional trigger, problematic scene, or unresolved traumatic memory. This will in turn activate the amygdala, stimulate the sympathetic “fight or flight” reaction and consequently arouse a threat response.  As you can imagine, chronic activation of this stress response will hinder the healing mechanisms and lead to bodily degradation.

However, by stimulating particular acupoints as you do with EFT tapping, you send deactivating signals to the amygdala.  By repeating this technique with the mental trigger still active in your mind, you essentially reduce the arousal of threat and your brain’s hippocampus records the new memory of this trigger as being safe.  The sympathetic “fight or flight” stress response is basically deactivated and the neural pathways that initiate it in the first place are permanently altered.

In other words, that same memory or emotional trigger that caused a stress response in the past no longer causes the same reaction because your brain recognizes that it’s no longer a threat to your safety.


How Is This Relevant To Us?

If we can disengage from today’s typical chronic state of the stress and learn to regulate the way we respond to stress, we naturally turn on our own powerful, innate healing mechanisms.  Remember, it is by changing our environment and our reaction to the environmental stressors that we can positively affect our gene expression and ultimately enhance our health, longevity and well-being.


Check out the scientific explanation given by Bruce Lipton on EFT tapping here:

Here you can check out a basic demonstration of EFT tapping with Nick Ortner:




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